If you are interested in becoming part of the MHLeC team on a voluntary basis, feel free to email Dr Sandra Jumbe at [email protected]. There are many opportunities to work with us, including outreach work, being involved in delivering mental health awareness workshops in different communities, analysing data and writing up publications. If you think you can be of help or are looking for work experience in research practice, get in touch.

Intern opportunities

Communication Assistant internship

We are currently looking for a research communications intern, to help us manage our various tasks linked to our communications strategy for the project.

The main tasks that you will be expected to undertake include:


studying communication is a requirement to get this internship. Thus, students in Corporate Communication, Communication & Marketing or Communication & Journalism enrolled in a communication or business school or at university are ideal candidates. The further you are in your studies, the more responsibility you could be given.

Skills and Qualities:

you have to be a good communicator. You must be familiar with methods, tools and main principles of internal and external communication. Beyond technical skills, you need some soft skills such as impeccable presentation, professional speech and ability to adapt to every person you interact with. Strong English and Chichewa writing abilities must be one of your assets.

If this sounds like you, please email us at [email protected]

Financial support

Financial support is always welcome. If you are interested in donating to the project, please contact Dr Jumbe at [email protected]